I am not receiving any E-mails from the forum?


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Jul 9, 2023
While this forum does use DKIM authentication, some email domains reject emails because the server does not have an IPv6 address or PTR record associated with it. this is a fault of my ISP, and i can't afford to change it at this time.

The following domains are known to reject emails from my domain:
(will be updated as more are known)

The following domains are known to accept emails from my domain (may go to SPAM folder):
(will be updated as more are known)
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Plugged away at this again, and discovered my DKIM milter was not processing correctly, and was not actualy adding the DKIM to the message. now it is, but gmail comes back with the PTR record requirement... they make it hard for a legitimate small business to operate, so my solution is this. if you have Gmail, i am sorry, but that is no longer my problem. you signed up for Ma Google to host your email, not me. As for everyone else, check your SPAM folder, as i still get tossed in there by some email hosts. I have tested Outlook.com and Yahoo.com, and both get my emails (spam folder...), gmail.com is so far the only non-working mail system, as they are far too strict for the small businesses to work with.
Not my problem. if i get your emails returned to me because you used a gmail account, i will delete them and move on with life.