Personal and future business website for me to share some of my work, as well as a forum, where friends, customers, or anyone can all join in conversation if they choose.


I have worked since 2009 as a carpenter in the Farmington, Maine area, under the wisdom and teachings of my father, Glendon (GSF Construction Inc, formerly K&G Home Specialists, Inc).
Forum Gallery of some work pictures: HERE

CNC Woodworking

I am working on building a woodworking CNC router table to do carvings in wood.

More Info

What I’m good at?

Just a few hobbies i am good at.


I enjoy electronics. in particular, centered around small microcontrollers, like Arduino boards.


Computer programming in several languages. but mostly Arduino C/C++.

Small Engine Repair

I enjoy working on small engines.

Linux Servers

i run the server this website is hosted on, right in my home.

Projects I Support