Privacy Policy

All of your information will be kept private, and used only for the use of the order, or for contacting you about your order.

I have no need, nor will i sell your information to a third-party, for any reason.

GDPR, as i understand it:

We do not store your financial information. this is handled by PayPal. We store only shipping information, your email address, and whatever other profile information you have entered into your TJF Home OpenCart profile (OpenCart is the software i use).

My legal justification for collecting this information is only for the use in processing your order, or to contact you should there be a problem with the order, or so you can login to check the status of your order or past orders.

Currently, this information is only privy to Travis Farmer, as I, and I alone have access to this data, and will keep it as secret as possible. your password on file will be stored in an encrypted state, using a one-way hash, if i understand the software correctly, so even i can not decrypt the passwords, even if you wanted me to.