Terms & Conditions

First of all, wood is a natural product. it will warp, twist, bend, crack, bow, discolor and fade. this is not a defect on my part, nor the wood. it just happens.

if it cracks and/or breaks, maybe i can glue it back together if i have ALL the parts, MAYBE. this is no guarantee, and it will cost you in my labor.

Warps, twists, bends, and bows are generally caused by humidity and drying. this happens as the air changes in your home.

Discoloration and fading happen from water and/or sun damage. Laser burnings MUST be coated with a UV protectorate if exposed to UV light, including harsh halogen light bulbs, some florescent, and even the sun.

Wood that goes outside, will rot, if neglected.

What i DO guarantee, is that i will spell custom text exactly how it was provided to me, within the limitations of the font i can carve or burn into the wood. I do not know if it will handle some special letters not included on my keyboard... just fair warning. if the item is made with a miss-spelling, on MY error, i will re-make the order at no extra cost.

Custom text MUST be ordered in writing, or online. There is no verbal confirmation for custom text orders. this is to cover me, as well as you.

Gmail email users will not get emails from my domain, as Gmail is too strict for the small businesses to function. all others, check your SPAM folder, as i may show up there.