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Travis' Hunting Season 2021


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Aug 12, 2021
Hunt date: Oct 30th
I sat most of the morning in a tree-stand, getting rained on... saw exactly zero deer, and due to the rain, i heard nothing.
the afternoon, i sat on a rock (see attached pictures), and still saw nothing, and got rained on.
My old Magellan Meridian Platnum GPS failed me. perhaps due to the cloud-cover, but it just wouldn't lock on a fix enough to get a position. i had to resort to my smart-phone GPS, with limited results. gotta get my old GPS working again...
something else that failed me was my method of using the crossbow cocking rope to decock the bow... twice i had to use my hands on the string to release the jammed situation. :mad: now, with many thanks to my mother, i now have some decocking arrows that i can shoot into the ground to release my bow. :D