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  1. travis_farmer

    Renovation of my 5th Wheel camper

    just wanted to mark down some notes: the battery box will be built out of 3/4" Advantec, and will be built so the internal dimensions are roughly 15" deep, 15" in height, and the width of the compartment door. above the 15" height, will be a vertical wall, about 2" deep, for wire routing, and...
  2. travis_farmer

    Probe Basic for LinuxCNC, on Debian 11 - Notice!

    this is currently out of date, but it is how i did it...
  3. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    while since update... the joists are all screwed in place, both beams are built, and i still have to attach the beam to the ledger board. then, i need to square up the framing, before i attach the decking.
  4. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    i managed to get the beam on one side built, and added the two outside joists. then i ran out of steam... i hope i will be able to get more progress done tomorrow morning. unfortunately, there is too much time spent setting up and putting away the tools, so there is less energy for the building...
  5. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    i finally got all the cement pads set for the shed platform. now it will be just a matter of leveling up some posts to build on, and building the platform. then, i will have to buy a cheap tarp to protect the platform surface from water damage, while i set the tent frame on it, and build the...
  6. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    (the image from the above posted PDF) the the drawing does not show it, but the two end joists will set past the width beams first 2 X 8, so that it can be fastened both from the side and end. in other words, i will cut the first-inner 2 X 8 of the beam, back 1.5", and run the outer joists...
  7. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    Attached is the CAD drawing of the floor plan. Materials 2x8 – 16) 5 2x8 – 14) 16 2x6 – 10pt) 4 18” cement circles) 6 ship-lap boards) 300sqr-ft
  8. travis_farmer

    Probe Basic for LinuxCNC, on Debian 11

    First, install Debian 11 on the computer. then run the following to get the RT kernal and update the OS. su - apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade apt-get install linux-image-rt-amd64 now you need to download the debs for LinuxCNC from: i...
  9. travis_farmer

    Renovation of my 5th Wheel camper

    i got the 3/4" Advantec cut to fit the section of floor. i still want to coat the bottom in a preservative, so i have not attached it yet. then i just have to eventually layout the cabinets and the dinette, so i can fit in the battery box. still figuring for 4x batteries. once the battery box is...
  10. IMG_0156.JPG


    2018 Shop - some of my father's turned goblets.
  11. IMG_0151.JPG


    2018 Shop - another of my father's bowl turnings.
  12. IMG_0153.JPG


    2018 Shop - Celtic knot rolling pin, my fathers work.
  13. IMG_0150.JPG


    2018 Shop - Penny bowl side view, my fathers work.
  14. IMG_0149.JPG


    2018 Shop - a penny bowl my father turned on this lathe.
  15. img_0066.png


    2017 Shop - My father working on his lathe
  16. IMG_0272.JPG


    2018 ??? Siding - view from across the lake.
  17. IMG_0276.JPG


    2018 Brint* Garage - ready to demolish old garage.
  18. IMG_0317.JPG


    2018 Brint* Garage - under construction
  19. IMG_0334.JPG


    2018 Brint* Garage - Nearly complete
  20. travis_farmer

    JT's Mesa Config

    Really, it is best that you use the install method kept up to date by JT, located under the More Information link. The Mesa Configuration Tool creates LinuxCNC configuration files for 5i25, 6i25, 7i76e, 7i80db, 7i80hd, 7i92, 7i93, 7i95, 7i96, 7i97 and 7i98.